I've set on the journey of creating yet another blog. Here's why.

I am getting into the hobby of clicking photos. I'm taking them to tell stories, so I am also going to write stories. I've started to find something in the creative process that takes out some of the noise out of my head.

So yeah, thanks for stopping by. Let me know what you think via email, comments or social media. If you know me personally, it'd be great to get back in touch!

This was a workday evening, on King Street East. The space in front of a high-rise business building was empty, people making their way out of the workplace, probably towards their house.

I don't know what kind of pictures these are, except that they make me think of how their day might have been, how their evening is going to be and the differences in how they look to go to work. The stark contrast of the dark giant building's background against the people who walked around felt nice, too.

Thanks for stopping by!